2021 – It’s Your Turn To Have a Personal Parking Spot! Read All The Details Here!!!

Bougie or basic it’s up to you. It’s your spot for your senior year! Money made from this fundraiser will support the Safe and Sober Grad Night for the class of 2021.

Parking spots can be purchased by following the PayPal link that will be inserted on the bottom of this page. THE LINK WILL GO LIVE SUNDAY, JUNE 14 AT 7:00 AMPLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW AHEAD OF PURCHASING !

There will be two options available for purchase:

Premium Parking Spot: 20 available– $310.00 (includes credit card service fee.)  The 20 premium spot purchasers will choose one by one from any of the available spots in the order of time purchased. We will use the PayPal time stamp to determine order. If payment is brought into the office, it is the student’s responsibility to have their contract time stamped. In other words – – “The Early Bird Gets the Spot.” If you want to guarantee a spot next to a friend, this is the way to go.

Personal Parking Spot: Let’s sell a lot of these (165 available) ! –  $155.00 (includes credit card service fee.) Students will get to pick from a list of available spots AFTER the 20 premium spots are designated. Students will be put in groups of 10 and will come to the tables together to pick their spots. Groups will be formed in the order of time purchased. Time of purchase will be determined by the PayPal time stamp. If payment is brought into the office, it is the student’s responsibility to have their contract time stamped.

A couple important dates to remember:

Tuesday, August 4  is “Pick Your Spot Day.” Your signed parking contract and space sketch will be due on this day. Typically, this is usually senior schedule pick-up day. Please be patient with us as figure out how this day will go. The school is still working on their plan. As soon as we know more, we will put together a schedule and let everyone know. If you cannot make it, please designate a friend to choose your spot for you and email that information to Stephanie Dall’era: sdallera@comcast.net . Include in the subject line: “Senior Parking Substitute.” You can also pick your spot the morning of August 16. We will have a list of available spots.

Sunday, August 16  is “Paint Your Spot Family Day.”   The parking lot will be available for students and their families to paint the student spots from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  

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